About Us

Grandma’s House was founded by a grandmother whose spirit to support and change the lives of children came to fruition in 2015. Founded on a belief that young children can flourish in a nurturing environment. Grandma’s House launched a tutoring program entirely run by dedicated volunteers and retired school teachers.

Despite having no paid staff or permanent revenue stream, Grandma’ House has effectively maneuvered its volunteer power and passion to remain in business seven years, just now finishing up its fifth year of services.

Grandma’s House has garnered such great confidence by the greater community through its impact on the lives of children that they have donated significantly by way of rent support, maintenance, repairs and office supplies.

Yet the most important accomplishments are evident in the children tutored at Grandma’s House. Many of the children experience health, weight, bulling and domestic issues in their young lives in addition to academic deficiencies. At Grandma’s House they find refuge; a respectful environment where they can feel safe to share and learn coping skills.


Continuing on going funding through grants, fundraisers and donations. Obtaining a volunteer base of caring people including retirees, retired teachers, adults with special skills, and people who just care about children. Proving security for the children as well as our volunteers through fingerprinting. 

The street with Grandma's House