A Safe, Nurturing Environment for Learning

Children with learning challenges find acceptance at Grandma’s House. Upon arrival, kind Volunteer Grandmas and Tutors await them. Fueled by a snack and friendly conversation around Grandma’s dining room table, students are readied for individual instruction, tailored to their specific needs.  Grandma’s House has proven that by removing traditional classroom limitations a comfort level is achieved; so important to learning. 

Our proven team of caring volunteers continue to make a difference in children’s lives. Their devotion to the children and this program is inspired by the outcome of their effort. A warm, non-judgmental environment gets results.  

At Grandma’s house, we recognize that learning takes all forms. The fun activities provided at Grandma’s House round out a true education which must include sociability and cooperation.

Grandma’s house is a non-profit with the goal of helping children regardless of monetary means.

Grandma's House, Columbia CA
Grandma’s House – Columbia CA